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About X Trim

X Trim , has been offering trims & accessories since 1990.Customized development of Laces, Belts, Buttons, Metal Fittings & host of new fashion Trims.

Manufacturing & Marketing Presence

With Own & Contract Manufacturing facilities in India & China HQ in New Delhi & offices in Major Garment cities in S.E. Asia. Gurgaon, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Benguluru, Tirupur, Hyderabad. Colombo, Dhaka, Kathmandu.

Quality Assurance

X TRIMS, meets compliances for CPSIA & REACH, with an Environment care processes certified Oeko-Tex. X Trim offer as per buyer's instructions, Strength & Safety parameters, Nickel free, Lead Free, Azo Free etc.

Design & Tooling

X Trim has installed capabilities with latest CAD technology to design any personalized designs for fittings & trims. We use high Accuracy CNC machines to create Tools & Die-Sets to het the best results.

About Us

Our Approach


ISO 9001 Process & QA Policy with In-house Lab for Batch Testing.


Trademark Logo & Designs of Buyers are protected as per buyer Guidelines.


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